How to use bobby pins

You might think it’s pretty self-explanatory – fix the pin horizontally across the stray bit of hair – but then how come the hair somehow slips free of the pin and you have to keep pinning it again? And it pains us to see chickybabes with a dozen haphazard pins visible on the backs of their heads. So here are a few tips:

Use bobby pins the same colour as your hair. You would think this was self-explanatory, but clearly not to the ex-brunette who still uses her black pins on her now-blonde hair. Platinum blondes should use silver, blondes gold, redheads either gold or brown (depending on the shade) and brunettes either brown or black.

Bury the head of the pin under your hair and twist at a right angle. We got this tip from a video hair tutorial by Superkawaiimama. Don’t pin across your hair, because it’ll just slip out. But you’ll be surprised how well it holds if you pin the hair then twist the pin sideways under your hair. This also hides the length of the pin from view, for a neater look.

Add stability using two pins crossed in opposite directions. This is good when you want to anchor a 3D style such as a victory roll against your head. By holding the hair in an X from two directions, it’s less likely to slip out.